Yallingup: The Aquarium

Yallingup: The Aquarium

Get There: Park at the lookout off Canal Rocks Road, Yallingup, and walk down.

So once upon a time, this place was only known by a select few (as all cool places once were); these days you’ll often have to share the pristine waters with couple other fedora sporters. Despite the hipsters that have ruined the beautiful lagoon’s street cred, it is still totally worth it. Pack your picnic, weed, snorkel and goggles and head down!

The rocks have created a lagoon protected by the surf, so it’s always calm and outrageously blue. It’s also surrounded by loads of rock pools you can spend hours exploring, following fish, catching crabs (the marine kind), collecting shells – I even saw a pod of whales having some knee-slapping fun frolicking about in the water.

Okay so it’s not an easy find – bear with me. Find Smiths Beach… You’re going to miss the turn off to the road that takes you there (which is conveniently called Smiths Beach Road mwhaha), drive over the little hill on Canal Rocks road and on your way down there’s a sneaky little right that leads to what looks like a gravel stop to look out over Canal Rocks – eureka! Mount your steed and to the right of the gravel is a little bush walking track… follow it down until it spits you out at a clearing (or climb straight down the cliff and head right, but prepare to cut your feet to pieces). Turn left and venture down towards the ocean. You’ll come to what looks like the tiniest beach that is ever-so average. Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle hobos: I know you’re all well-acquainted with beautiful places, but just wait… throw your stuff down on the shelly sand and jump into the water to discover a jungle of tropical looking (and very curious) fish roaming the crystal clear water.

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