Margaret River: Soup Kitchen

Margaret River: Soup Kitchen

Get There: Margaret River Community Resource Centre, 21-33 Tunbridge St, Margaret River 6285
Cost: Donation
Open: Mondays and Wednesdays, 5 – 7pm

On Monday and Wednesday nights, come fill your grumbly hobo bellies with vegetarian delights at the local soup kitchen. For a donation of $5, volunteers will pile your plate high with rice and a bunch of yummy stews, curries and salads, and you are also welcome to grab a loaf of whatever donated bread is on offer. Sometimes, there’s even chai. If you want to stock up for the week, throw another fiver in and you can also get your lunchbox, pot or billycan filled to the brim. The place is a great community haven, with buskers strumming tunes in the background and plenty of friendly locals and travellers floating around who are also up for a chinwag. Don’t come too much later than 6 though, or you’ll find that mostly everything has been gobbled up.

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