London: Wellcome Collection

London: Wellcome Collection

Get There: 183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE
Cost: Free

Wellcome Collection is the kind of museum you wish you’d got to visit on your boring school excursions. Less stuffy museum more weird and twisted exhibitions, this place is a rabbit hole to Wonderland for adults. Billed as a “destination for the incurably curious”, this free museum offers up a rich variety of exhibitions on medicine, art and history. Leaping across past, present and future, each exhibition is unique and sometimes downright weird. Current exhibitions include “The Institute of Sexology”, a saucy investigation into human sexuality that is less smutty and more educational as you explore the study of sex from 19th Century to now. It may still leave some of you wanting to get naked with the nearest curator though, so cool down by heading into “Forensics: The anatomy of crime” and learn all about the history, science and art of forensic medicine. Featuring photographs, original evidence, forensic instruments and some gruesome human remains, it will dampen your lust and heighten your mind. These exhibitions only run until June and September, but fear not: there is a permanent medicine exhibition, various art installations and a calendar filled with talks, workshops and art shows to satiate that thirsty mind all year round. A unique blend of learning and play, this place will allow you to expand the old grey matter without emptying your wallet. Hobo win.


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