London: The Book Club

London: The Book Club

Get There: 100-106 Leonard Street, London EX2A 4XS
Cost: Cocktails from £7, wine and beer from £4
Open: 8am – 12am Monday – Wednesday, 8am – 2am Thursday – Friday, 10am – 2am Saturday and 10am – 12am Sunday

 In the too-cool-for-school East London area, you will find a number of “quirky” bars crowded with Shoreditch lumbersexuals who drink craft beer and spend their Sundays at the Cereal Killer Café being retro and cool as fuck.  Luckily, The Book Club is just the right amount of quirky fun to make you want to drink there, yet not pretentious enough to make you feel like a loser for not having pastel hair or a nose ring. The booze is relatively cheap and bestowed with witty names such as “Shoreditch Twat”. There are board games, ping-pong tournaments and couches aplenty to lounge on. They also have a tonne of cool events like DIY screen printing, storytelling nights, crafternoons, dance clubs and science night. A plethora of activities guaranteed to get you out of the house even when the weather is miserable (which is always). Head along and socialise with a way prettier than you crowd and get properly sloshed on cocktails and cider whilst trying to snare an East London lad for the evening.

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