London: Ride the London Eye

London: Ride the London Eye

Get There: SE1 7PB – take the underground to Waterloo; then walk 5-minutes from the station
Cost: £29.95
Open: All day every day except 25th December

When you first touch down in London, you will want to do all the iconic tourist things RIGHT NOW. These will probably include instagramming Big Ben, shoving a child out of the way so you can get the best view for the Changing of the Guard and possibly chasing a squirrel through Hyde Park. Inevitably, this will culminate in a desire to ride the London Eye: the gigantic ferris-wheel sitting on the banks of the Thames.  I won’t deny that the views are pretty fancy pants; however, you would be better off saving yourself £30 and 45 minutes of queuing by heading to the nearest pub and becoming acquainted with a pint of lager and a packet of marmite crisps. Best of all, the pub option is unlikely to involve children crying because they want to get down and couples making-out against the glass, overwhelmed by the sexiness of birds-eye view London. If you really can’t leave this town without seeing what the city looks like from above, head to Duck & Waffle located on the 40th Floor of the Heron Tower in Bishopsgate.  No, you can’t afford to eat here, so don’t even look at the menu; instead, sit in the bar, buy a bottle of the cheapest wine (El Muró, Macabeo, Cariñena, Aragon for £26) and enjoy spectacular views of the city.  Cheaper than a ride on the eye and far away from Asian tourists snapping selfies and snot-filled rugrats dripping ice cream on your shoes.

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