London: Pillow Cinema

London: Pillow Cinema

Get There: Former Shoreditch Underground Station, 7 Code Street, London E1 5ER
Cost: £10 per ticket

You could go and see a film in a popcorn-smeared chair at your local multiplex, where seat allocation is mandatory and people obnoxiously crunch nachos and slurp coke next to you (who decided hot food at the movies was a good idea?) OR you could head to one of London’s alternative theatre ideas: Pillow Cinema. Exactly the same as watching a film on your lounge room floor with pillows except with strangers, Pillow Cinema does exactly what it says on the tin. Tickets are cheaper than those for a standard UK movie, and film showings aren’t just limited to new release. Your ticket price includes the allocation of a bean bag, but they strongly suggest you bring your own pillow as well. You may feel like a dickhead wandering around London with a pillow tucked under your arm, but you’ll appreciate it when you’re there. Pyjamas are optional but encouraged and booze is sold at the bar along with standard film fare such as popcorn and Haribo. The cinema itself is in a former underground station, and during the film, you will be rumbled as you hear the tubes go by overhead; far from being distracting, this just adds to the experience and makes you feel more cosy, snuggled with your companion under pillows and blankets underground. Date night win.

Hobo Tip: Get there early. You will be allocated a ticket when you arrive and the first few in get the pick of the beanbags and distance from the screen.

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