Paris: Peace & Love Hostel

Paris: Peace & Love Hostel

Get There: 245 Rue La Fayette, 10th arrondissement – about a ten minute walk away from Gard du Nord. Closest metro stop is Jaurès.
Cost: Dorm beds from 16€
Bar: Yes
Free Breaky: No
Free WiFi: Yes

Hostels in Paris can come at a pretty fucking penny, and for any hobo who’s trying to wrangle their way through the French capital, a bargain is always to be sought. Cue; Peace & Love Hostel.

So it might be a little further north than you expected. And you might get stuck having to drag your gear up six flights of stairs to get to your dorm. And the showers may or may not be reminiscent of the “chokey” from Matilda.

What Peace & Love lacks in cleanliness and convenience, it makes up for in its capacity to get wild. The drinks are cheap, especially if you stick around during happy hour, and the bar staff are all too keen to get the night rolling – I didn’t even have to get my hairy man-nipples out to get free shots at the bar.

Possibly not the best place to be if you’re looking for a sound night’s sleep, but if you’re intent on transforming your liver into a (not-so) living homage to Charlie Sheen, you’re bound to find a drinking buddy amongst the drifters and scallywags skulking around the place.

And trust me – you won’t be regretting it at four in the morning when they’re carrying your hobo arse up that last flight of stairs.

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