Zanzibar: Kendwa

Zanzibar: Kendwa

Get There: Getting of the ferry (Dar Es Salaam – Stone Town) try to team up with others heading north and get a cheap taxi or minivan for the 40 minutes drive. If not, check with the box office for info on local buses, however these are often overpriced and unreliable. The same applies if you arrive in Zanzibar by plane, but maybe be a bit more wary of drivers trying to rip you off.

Stone Town, being on the UNESCO World Heritage List and with its epic vibe and tiny alleyways, is without a doubt Zanzibar’s main attraction and absolutely worth the visit. However, if all your clothes are drenched in sweat and your spending is getting out of hand, head up north to Nungwi or Kendwa for a beach paradise, cheap piña coladas and even cheaper travellers.

Having not yet been completely corrupted by backpackers and tourism, Kendwa offers both mellow beach hostels with hammocks and movie nights, and Full Moon Parties with blackouts and regret. A good idea is just to have the driver drop you off close to the beach and then walk until you find an accommodation suitable for you and your desires. Most of the hostels are open to negotiations with regards to pricing, so if you, in true hobo fashion, reckon yourself a master of bargaining, this is your chance to prove it.

Along the Kendwa beach you will encounter all kinds of travellers, from the dreaded stoners who have been there three years to the first-timers who still wear makeup and own shoes. Whatever your cup of tea, you are certain to meet some pretty rad people, and because the community is rather small, you are also certain to hook up with at least one of them; and if you’re lucky, they’ll give you a job in the bar and let you stay for free.

If aiding your hangover by chilling out in the crystal clear ocean is too boring for you, there are plenty of activities you can get up to as well, such as scuba diving, snorkelling, kite surfing and beach volleyball.

Spending some time at Kendwa is worth every hard earned dollar and though you might regret doing the last five shots that one night, you will not regret the trip.

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