Sydney: Bounce Hostel

Sydney: Bounce Hostel

Get There: 28 Chalmers Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010 – right next to Central Station.
Cost: From 41AUD for an 8-bed dorm or 77.50AUD for a private double.
Bar:  Yes, but the common drinking area is better.
Free Breaky: No
Free WiFi: Just like every other hostel in Australia, that’s a no.

Whoever coined the term “flashpackers” had Bounce in mind. If you have money to splash for a night’s accommodation but want to steer clear of the hotel crowd, check yourself in to this hostel for a night of drinks on the rooftop terrace overlooking the Sydney skyline. Everything is spotless, bright and brand new, from the enormous kitchen to the comfy bunk beds. Despite its size, Bounce still manages to have an awesome atmosphere and always has something going on, from BBQs to movie nights. The high price of a bed means the clientele will usually be super young or first-time travellers, but this just means you’re guaranteed to make at least 20 new Facebook friends, and none of them will be are jaded by the usual backpacker complaints (bed-bug bites, financial woes, oversaturation of landmarks etc.). If you are travelling as a couple, it’s actually good value to check into a private double here, as the rooms are just as nice – if not nicer – than most budget hotels in the CBD.

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Hobo Tip: The staff will tell you that by law, you have to clear off the terrace by 11pm. They just make this up to establish order, so if you’re having a rad time and feel like being obnoxious, feel free to challenge their authority.

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