Sihanoukville: Top Cat Cinema

Sihanoukville: Top Cat Cinema

Get There: Top Cat Cinema is located on the left side right in the beginning of the main street in Sihanoukville and is nearly impossible to miss.
Cost: 4USD per person for two-hour movie/gaming sesh.

If you are anything like me, who is prone to earth-shattering hangovers, I’m about to revolutionise your stay in Sihanoukville. Because when being hungover on the road, there is little in this world you want more than an air-conditioned room, access to an extensive list of movies and series, and all the BYO food/drinks/meds you can carry. Top Cat Cinema comes to your rescue.

With sizeable private rooms equipped with couches, pillows, blankets (and undoubtedly some body fluids), Top Cat offers the perfect escape after a long night out. Rock up in the morning to secure yourself and your buddies a room, get breakfast, have a swim, and stock up on snacks and drinks to bring with you. Once you have paid and been assigned a room there is a no-questions-asked policy, meaning you can basically do whatever you want inside that room (hence the body fluid). You can also pick freely from a massive library of movies and series, bound to satisfy both the movie connoisseur and the Pixar fanatic.

With an offer like this available there is no need to hold back on the buckets, which you probably wouldn’t do anyway. Nevertheless – you’re welcome.

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