La Huasteca: Pozas de Edward James

La Huasteca: Pozas de Edward James

Get There: Down a dirt road about half an hour’s walk north of Xilitla, San Luis Potosi. There aren’t many signs, but the locals know it.
Cost: 50MXN entrance fee.
Bring: Hallucinogenic substance of your choice, swimsuit

Edward James was a Scot who got rich off his dead father and uncle, and decided to use his inheritance to become a patron of the arts. He was partial to a bit of surrealism and became friends with Dali, Magritte and a whole bunch of others whose names lie beyond the admittedly tight borders of Global Hobo’s cultural awareness. In the 1940s, James travelled to Mexico, bought a bunch of land on a hillside outside Xilitla and started work on a masterpiece of his own.

Xilitla 6

Inspired by the shapes he found in the jungle around him and ancient ruins of indeterminate origin, he created a surrealist garden of twisting staircases that lead nowhere, elegant columns that support no roofs and floral motifs adorning courtyards, all made of concrete. The garden is centred around a series of waterfalls, and at the bottom of each one natural rock formations have been adorned with concrete structures to create cool, clear pools in which you can swim.

Xilitla 3

In the 60-odd years since work was started – and apparently it was never finished – the jungle has begun to absorb the concrete. The structures are now coated in moss and vines and they blend into the forest as a result. For all the nerds who wish they could go sightseeing around Middle Earth, this is about as close to Rivendell as you’ll ever get.

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