Budapest: The Invisible Exhibition

Budapest: The Invisible Exhibition

Get There: Kis Rokus Utca 16-20, Budapest (though the Exhibition is also in Prague and Warsaw). Take Metro line 2 to Széll Kálmán tér and follow the directions from this site.
Cost: Adult 1700 HUF, Student 1400 HUF (AUD 7.80/6.40)

So you’ve drank yourself into blindness more times than you can count on your fingers, toes and bed-bug bites; in fact you’d almost consider yourself an expert on the subject. But this exhibition takes it to a whole new level and it’s fucking amazing. A legally blind guide will lead you around seven differently furnished places in pure darkness, where you have only your sense of touch, smell, hearing and balance to glean information. It is a completely elevating, informative and fundamentally important experience. Not only will you get a first-hand taste of what living without vision is like, but your super chilled guide will also answer any questions that you might have but are too embarrassed to ask that blind chick on your uni commute. And if you remember to bring along some coin, you can even sit back and sink a couple of cans in their very own bar while debunking myths, correcting misconceptions and gaining a far clearer picture of blindness than you ever could have done with 20/20 vision.

Unless you’ve recently brushed up on your Hungarian/Czech/Polish, make sure you book ahead to ensure an English-speaking guide. Dinners and massages are also available.

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