Mornington Peninsula: Diamond Bay

Mornington Peninsula: Diamond Bay

Get There: Turn onto easy-t0-miss Diamond Bay Road in Sorrento and follow it to the sandy carpark at the end.

You’d be forgiven for thinking you were somewhere on the coast of Portugal when you made your way from Diamond Bay’s secluded carpark to its magical beach. Here, high sandstone bluffs hug a patch of insanely blue water peppered with kelp beds, rocky ledges and reefs.

diamond bay
A diverse range of sealife calls the bay home, from rays to crays and even the odd shark. Be aware that you have to be super careful when you go out snorkelling, diving or crayfishing further out than the safety of the shallows, as the bay is highly susceptible to currents, rips and swell and can quickly become a washing machine.


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