Write for Us while Travelling Europe

Write for Us while Travelling Europe

Are you a globe-trotting dirtbag? Can you write and party better than Hunter S. Thompson? Do you like free shit? Then we want you. Global Hobo and Stoke Travel have fallen in love with each other, and what this means for you is the opening of some ridiculously epic positions.


Europe Internship

A hobo is wanted in September to work in the Barcelona office as a joint intern for Global Hobo and Stoke Travel. Applicants must be able to work for a minimum of two months, and in addition to spending one day a week writing tall tales and comprehensive travel guides for Global Hobo, you’ll be carrying out all manner of duties for Stoke Travel another three.

There will be no making coffee: interns are expected to jump head first into the tasks they are greeted with, and when on tour will be getting their hands (and everything else) dirty with the rest of the crew. Speaking of being on tour, all meals, travel, accommodation and booze will be included, starting with Oktoberfest.


When you’re back in Barcelona, sales-conscious hobos have the opportunity to make big bucks when promoting the Stoke Brand or procuring marketing opportunities for Global Hobo, and if you like chilling in the green room, you’re welcome to check out the Stoke surf camp in San Sebastian.

This internship can be used as credit for an Australian or international university degree, and if your tutor calls us to see how you performed, we’ll put on a deep, reassuring voice and sing your praises loudly.

san seb

To apply, send a winning cover letter, story, song, cartoon or  interpretive dance to hello@globalhobo.com.au proving why you are the Stoke-hobo worthy of either opportunity and outlining any qualifications you think may be relevant, such as your ability to tactical chunder. Any boring emails will be thrown out the window. Good luck, dirtbags.

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