Cruel Delicacies from Around the World

Cruel Delicacies from Around the World

The meat industry is bad enough with its slaughterhouses, mass-production farms and inhumane live transport methods. But the gristle that goes into the filling of the $1 sausages that sit in the cold aisle of Wooly’s for eight months has nothing on culinary offerings from around the world.

Food is an essential part of travelling for most globetrotters. You want to try everything, dig your teeth into local treats and stuff your face with the traditional flavours of the streets. But some of these cultural delights involve torturous recipes you need to be aware of when ordering or tasting.

So tap into your conscience and weigh up whether your wish to experience the “culture” really outweighs the suffering endured by the once-living beings served on your plate.


What?! Foie Gras. A French dish meaning ‘fatty liver’ made from duck or geese liver.
How: The animals are taken to a tiny, dark cage where the farmer sticks a long, metal pipe down their oesophagus and pumps a pound of corn drenched with fat directly into their digestive systems and livers. This is done for about two-to-three weeks until the organ bloats six times its normal size.

Ortolan preppedsmall

What?! Ortolan, another inhumane dish from the French fries. Au revoir little birdies.
How: You could do it yourself quite easily actually. First capture the bird in the wild, then trap it in a tight cage so it can’t move. Next, feed it a diet of millet, grapes and figs until it reaches two to four times its normal size before drowning it in a splash of brandy.
Bite through the bird’s brittle, petite bones until you sink your teeth into its lungs and stomach, releasing squirts of brandy into your mouth.

…Stick with baguettes, the karma is a lot better.


What?! Ikizukuri, where  Japan takes fresh seafood to a whole new level.
How: The chef grabs a fish out of the tank and starts slicing it up while it flops around in front of you (the trick is to cut the fish without killing it).

If this doesn’t satisfy your sadistic taste buds, head over to China to try Yin Yang Fish.


What?! Contrary to the original meaning of yin and yang (balancing the good and the bad), there is no mercy shown in this meal prep whatsoever.
How: The method involves dipping the fish into oil and frying it alive, just enough so it’s still living right up until you stab your fork straight into its guts (and soul).


What?! You thought dissecting frogs in chemistry was rough? Enter frog sashimi.
How: The way these bullfrogs are served redefines raw food; in fact, if it’s not prepared fresh (i.e. killed) in front of you, it may be served still alive, stripped of its skin for your convenience.

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