Berlin: Free Walking Tour with Hostel Culture Berlin

Berlin: Free Walking Tour with Hostel Culture Berlin

Get There: Tours start at the giant granite bowl in Lustgarten in front of the Old Museum in Mitte, 10178 Berlin

Not only is Berlin more hip than the bearded barista at your local café, it’s steeped in a turbulent history as well. If you really want to learn some shit on your trip, it’s best to let a professional guide you. And by professional, I mean the talented and knowledgeable expats who offer free walking tours around the city, and who make sure you leave Germany knowing more than the one phrase of: “Das is mein hamburger!” Our guide took us around the major sites for three hours on the coldest day in Berlin history (fact) and her ability to distract me from thinking I had frostbite with a witty history lesson was truly impressive. You can of course walk yourselves around the various historical sites of the city; however, you would miss out on quirky facts, information about street art projects and tips on the best places to eat if you did. Our guide was more than happy to impart wisdom on how to spend time in Berlin and was genuinely interested in having a chat as we walked between the sites. The culmination of the tour resulted in her offering further Berlin advice to anyone who was interested and didn’t end awkwardly like some of these tours do when they start asking for donations. Without feeling quilted into giving up a couple of Euros, everyone on the tour ended up handing over cash because they wanted to. I mean, you could be the stingy wanker who doesn’t donate anything, but then all your new tour friends would hate you. Be a hobo, just don’t be that hobo. Tours run daily at 11am and again at 2pm. For the more hipster inclined, they also offer alternative walking tours starting every day at 11.30am from the same meeting place in Lustgarten

Hobo Tip: If doing one of these tours in the wintertime, ensure you wear outdoor clothes that would be sufficient for climbing Everest. You won’t be able to pay attention during the Hitler history lesson if your fingers are turning blue.

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