Berlin: Bei Schlawinchen 24-hour Dive Bar

Berlin: Bei Schlawinchen 24-hour Dive Bar

Get There:  Schönleinstrasse 34, Kreuzberg 10967

Berlin’s boozy nightlife requires you to maintain the stamina of an athlete and the tolerance of an alcoholic. Whether you are after sex clubs or sexy wine bars, there’s countless watering holes that allow you to indulge in all manner of tipple induced perversions. If you happen to be slinging back the drinks in hipster neighbourhood Kreuzberg, I recommend dropping in to the 24-hr dive bar that is one of the few places that is less “sexy Germans drinking lager” and more “that guy passed out on the bar was possibly just in a knife fight”. It may not be the cleanest, friendliest or most cozy of places, but it does a very good job of providing an ambience of anarchy, helped along by the hardened locals standing around the open fire in the middle of the room and the bartender who does not give a fuck if you bleed on the floor as long as you pay for your drinks. A place where you are unlikely to run into anyone from your hostel or any lads on tour, this vintage Berlin bar makes for one of the most interesting spots to have a cheap drink at 4am (or anytime in a 24-hr period).

Hobo Tip: This is not the place to get into a bar fight; instead of losing your dignity, you might end up losing an eye.

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