Fiji: Abiding by the Customs

Fiji: Abiding by the Customs

As it goes with every place that has a different in culture and way of life, travellers must be aware of customs in order to be respectful and maintain a friendly relationship between tourists and locals.

  • Never touch a Fijian’s head; it’s a sign of disrespect. The Fijians used to have Afros that would test a 70s porn star, and no one touches that shit.
  • Women must cover up their legs and shoulders in the villages or when visiting sacred places. Time to throw your Supre shorts out, ladies.
  • Don’t wear hats or sunglasses in villages.
  • If visiting a village, take kava (a root used as a ceremonial drink, which basically numbs your mouth and gets you semi stoned) with you. A welcome ritual is usually held by the chief of the village.

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