Berlin: Circus Hostel

Berlin: Circus Hostel

Get There: Rosenthaler Straße 1, Mitte – across the road from Rosenthaler Platz U-Bahn station.
Cost: From €21 a night for a 10-bed dorm.
Free Breaky: No.
Free WiFi: Yes
Bar: Yes

Every now and then, a hobo will splash out and spend a little more on accommodation then what they normally will – it is a rare occurrence, mind you. When we swipe the card, it’s important for us to know that what we’re splurging on is worth it, as it will likely result in a weeklong diet of generic-branded penne pasta and cold tinned tomatoes. Fortunately, we can report that The Circus Hostel in Berlin is one of these things. Sure, it’s a little more ex-y then what we’re used to but the perks are worth it. Spectacular views of Rosenthaler Platz from most dorm windows, sparkle-cleaned shitters and showers and staff who at least look like they know what’s going on.


For just 5 euro, Circus guests can the breakfast buffet in the bar next door and it’s all you can eat. I repeat, all you can eat. And not in a ‘rice bubbles and bruised apple’ kind of way – they have sesame seeds to sprinkle over your chocolate muesli, waffles with jam and cream and enough Sourkruet to build a wall (too soon?).

Skip the raw food stores up on Weinbergsweg and pay a visit to the kebab shop a little further up on Brunnenstrasse where 80c beers and 2 euro falafels await. Also, across the road from Circus, you’ll find Mine Haus Am See. Although Trip Advisor and the like will critique it’s unashamedly hipster fit out and smug looking staff, the place really is pretty fucking cool. It’s decked out with couches, beers are cheap and when I was there I heard Blondie, Prince and Dr. Dre. One. After. The other.

Former Canberra gal and resident bartender Ally runs free street art tours out of Circus Hostel every Thursday. And unlike 90% of all European walking tours – it’s, how shall we say, not shit. Ally, a working street artist herself, has extensive knowledge on the local scene and being guided by her is a pleasure. She’s cool, calm and considered and doesn’t make you feel like a gawking tourist.


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