Seminyak: Sneak into Woobar at W Retreat and Spa

Seminyak: Sneak into Woobar at W Retreat and Spa

Get There: Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak. Look for the giant W when driving along Jalan Street.
Cost: Don’t even think about eating – you’re here to smash 2-for-1 cocktails.

The W Retreat and Spa in the heart of luxury expat neighbourhood Seminyak is not something us hobos are likely to experience unless a sugar daddy (or equivalent) is footing the bill. Nonetheless, they seem to have acquired the only stretch of beach in the area with a desirable sunset view, provide 2-for-1 cocktails Monday – Thursday from 4 – 6pm (which also includes free cheese pizza and unlimited peanuts) and they will let you swim in the pool without having to prove you are a guest. So when you look at it that way, you can get your pre-bucket buzz on, a free meal and use the swimming pool as a bathing facility before they notice the loofah and kick you out. This of course only really works if you don’t look like a street urchin when rocking up, so use your hobo powers of deception, chuck on something clean from the bottom of your backpack and enjoy the use of some fancy-as-fuck facilities you might otherwise never get to experience.

Hobo Tip: Unless you want to cough up the cost of your meals for a week, don’t think about boozing here unless it’s during happy hour, and only stay for one or two rounds.

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