Gili Trawangan: Gili La Boheme

Gili Trawangan: Gili La Boheme

Get There: After landing at the harbour, take a left on the main road; when you arrive at the pier/night market turn right and walk towards Le Petit Gili restaurant. Walk straight on this road and turn left at the third intersection; keep walking and they will be on the left hand side.
Cost: A six bed dorm is 100 000 – 120 000IDR a night (10-12AUD)
Free Breaky: Just you wait
Free WiFi: Yes
Bar: No

Set a little further from the main drag than most hostels on Gili T, Gili La Boheme is the definition of a chilled accommodation experience. It’s a little ramshackle looking, with stairs to the different levels comprised of wooden planks reminiscent of a childhood tree house, but you can’t beat the relaxed atmosphere. Plus, the possible splinters you might obtain drunkenly stumbling upstairs on your hands and knees is more than made up for by the free all-day pancakes that will satiate your hangover the next day. Dorms are air-conditioned, offer lockable storage units and can only be described as “cosy”. Getting up and down from a top bunk is nigh on impossible unless sober and undertaken with military precision, but it forces you to make friends quickly as the possibility of falling vagina-first onto someone unpacking their bag on the floor is incredibly high. There’s a yoga studio next door with classes all day, a free water cooler in the main lounge so you can re-fill your bottles with drinkable hydration and a super-friendly hostel owner who will go out of his way to make your stay enjoyable.

Hobo Tip: It’s a bit of a walk to the beach/bars, so hire a bicycle or embrace the fact that you will be walking everywhere and think of it as your daily cardio.

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