Down on your Luck

Down on your Luck

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me I was “soOo lucky” for being where I am today, I would be able to pay to use the air-conditioning in my apartment instead of a shitty pedestal fan. I would be able to take my washing to a laudromat instead of doing it in my bathroom sink and I would even throw the beggars in my street an extra couple of dollars. Sadly, the reality is I don’t receive a dollar each time, and not just for this reason alone, I would like to never hear those words again. Yeah, I have done some outrageous things and seen some incredible places in the 12 months I have been away from home, but every single one of my experiences didn’t come without a sacrifice.

In the year leading up to my departure, I worked two jobs, dealing with screaming children by day and drunks by night. I had two Saturday nights off in the entire 12 months, and missed nearly every single one of my friends 21sts. “Outfit repeater” was given a new meaning thanks to my resistance of buying new clothes, and goon was (is) my best friend. Put simply, luck isn’t the reason I am here. I am here because I worked damn well hard for it.

Similarly, if I had a dollar for every time someone told me they “wished they could be here/travel/leave the country”, I would eat fresh lobster every night instead of canned tuna and be cruising on a moped instead of a bike with no gears that was gifted to me. You could be here. You could travel. You could leave your home country. The truth is you want other things more. You want your degree, or your house, or your business or your relationship and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I am even ready to admit I am a little envious that I can’t commit to anything longer than 18 months without getting bored. But don’t be that person that posts wanderlust photos on Instagram every second day only to not even venture from the 4221 while telling yourself it’s because of the “commitments”.

In the end, if travelling is a priority for you, it’s gonna happen. Instead of stalking social media and feeling sorry for yourself, take that first step outside your comfort zone. You don’t live in a third world country where it simply isn’t a reality and corruption stops you from crossing even the nearest border. You earn enough money, and if you spend it that is your choice, but stop complaining about something you can change. I am more than happy with my own choice at the moment, but don’t take the hard work and sacrifices away by telling me I’m lucky when you could be equally as “lucky” as the rest of the hobos roaming the globe.


Cover photo by Samantha Panciera, inset by Heather West.

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