Pulau Langkawi: One Love Reggae Bar

Pulau Langkawi: One Love Reggae Bar

Get There: Onelove, Pantai Tengah, 07100 Langkawi. Assuming your accommodation is on the west side of the island, it’s pretty easy to get there. Go to the south end of around Pantai Chenang, continue until you get to the intersection, go right and immediately go left. Follow this road until you see it! It’s about a 10 – 30min to walk from town depending on where your hostel is, or alternatively get a cab: all taxi drivers know where it is. If you are paying more that 10MRI in the day or 25MRI at night in the daytime, you are getting ripped of.
Cost: Heavenly hobo-friendly duty-free prizes. Beers from 5MRI, cocktails for 10MYR and food from 5MRI.

If you ever find yourself in Malaysia, you might quickly notice that your hobo thirst is not as cheaply quenched as it was during your two-week pub-crawl through any of the northern neighbouring countries. Don’t worry too much though – there is hope, and it is called Langkawi! Most of you have probably heard of it before, as it is a pretty common tourist destination in Malaysia. Here you can indulge in as much duty-free chocolate, tobacco and alcohol as you brittle hobo body can handle in the humid tropical climate that Langkawi boasts.

The main beach is a pretty good place to head out for pre drinks if you are not already drunk off the 50-cent beer you find in the local supermarkets. After the beach beers, all the taxi drivers or locals will recommend you to go to a place called Sunba. This must be the world’s congregation spot for over-aged creepy guys who stand in a corner with overpriced vodka redbulls and look at you while you embarrass yourself on the dance floor in front of the only girl you can see through the thick layer of cigarette smoke inside. Sounds tempting, right?

Again… don’t worry! Becsause beside Sunba there is a little reggae bar. It might not look like much at first glance, but once you get know their staff and their prices you’ll fall in love faster than you can say “cheers”! They will stay open as long as they have to, they will (if you have a decent taste in music) accept your song wishes and for those who enjoy hookah, they have a grand array of tastes to choose from! One Love Reggae bar is a sweet little watering hole you’ll wish you could steal and import back to what ever overtaxed expensive country you come from! Enjoy.

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