Siargo Island: Bamboo Garden

Siargo Island: Bamboo Garden

Get There: Pacifico, Siargao Island. From Dapa Port, find a motorbike and hustle until you get below 300PHP. If there is more than three of you, let Tom or Liz (the owners) know and you can arrange to be picked up for 500PHP total.
Cost: Depending on how many you are the cheaper it gets for a room. 19 AUD for a double bed.
Free WiFi: Yes
Free Breaky: No
Bar: Yes

I freaking love staying in bamboo huts/jungle bungalows. I don’t know if it’s because the idea of the island life really flips my pancake, or because they can be cheaper than hostels… the former is looking bright to me. I just really dig waking up to the sound of the ocean, having an outdoor shower and drinking out of a coconut. Is that not the most perfect combo? Sounds luxurious and most likely not affordable to the scallywag behind the screen (you), but the Phillies are so scumbag-friendly, even you could survive.

Bamboo Gardens is located on a remote beach just a short walk down from the Pacifico surf break. They’re so close to the ocean you’ll find hermit crabs skittering across your outdoor bathroom floor. They have really cheap board hire and there’s a grom-friendly wave right in-front of your room. Cloud Nine is a decent journey away, but nothing to complain about. There’s a café across the road that makes brewed coffee (very hard to find on the non-touristy islands), and the food at Bamboo Gardens is super tasty.

Tom and Liz are very accommodating, always up for a game of pool and are genuinely lovely humans. It’s such a sweet spot to chill at that even the locals come round for a beer. So even if you don’t stay there, go check it out and order a mango float!


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