Melbourne: Strike Bowling Escapism - The Forensic Room

Melbourne: Strike Bowling Escapism – The Forensic Room

Get There: QV, Little Lonsdale Street. To book, check out their website.
Cost: $100 a room, maximum six people.

Arms awkwardly balancing on the person in front of me, I stumbled blindfolded into the room. “You have 50 minutes to assemble the clues and escape the room before the serial killer finds you.”

This isn’t the start of the hundredth Saw movie, or a weird sex story; it’s Strike Bowling’s new Escape Rooms.

The idea behind escapism is this: you are locked in a themed room which requires you to use your noggin to find your way out.

Strike offers three rooms to choose from – the Garden Room, Forensic Room and Butchers Burrow. Seriously underestimating the brains behind Strike Bowling (and over estimating my capacity to think when hung over), I opted for the hardest of the three, The Forensic Room.

My friends and I became a team of – admittedly pretty shitty – investigators. We were led into the small room filled with objects we were told may be clues, and left to figure out what the fuck was going on.

Luckily, we were given a phone for hints. I hope for Strike’s sake they have a solid phone plan, because I haven’t spent that much time on the phone since I was 14 telling my “boyfriend” to hang up first. Eurgh.

It’s hard to tell you too much about the experience without giving away too many spoilers. Like all good Saturday night blindfolded adventures, the less you know the better. It’s definitely worth the $100 price tag if you can pull together six people who are happy to be in a small enclosed space with you for an hour.

Once you miraculously scramble together enough brain cells to make your way out of the room , or the Strike team takes pity on you and lets you out, there’s a surprisingly impressive bar  to discuss how much of a genius you are, and if you’re anything like us, pick which of the easier rooms you are going to try next.

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