How to Get Out of a Fine

How to Get Out of a Fine

19 Cuttlefish Drive, North Lakes, 4509

To whom it may concern,

I, Scout Fisher, wish for the attached fine to be reviewed. Firstly, there is a discrepancy between the speed the officer showed on the speed camera and what I received on the fine. The speed he showed was 94.1 while the ticket states that it was 96. Secondly, on the road I was driving, there was a blank 100km/h sign in an 80km/h zone. I am sure of this because I was on a trip to the airport and saw the police blitzing on my way to the airport and made an effort to be travelling at the speed limit on the trip back.

The only other possibility I can determine is maybe the fact that I was crying so heavily, as I had just left a long-term girlfriend at the airport, caused me to misread the speed sign. In hindsight I should have pulled over in a legal area and cried until it was safe for me to drive again, however at the time the shame of being in public motivated me to return home where I could be alone.

I am currently studying at Sunshine Coast University, I do not have any money to spare as I am unemployed. I plead for your discretion in reviewing this matter.


0410 808 281

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