Santa Marta: Dreamer Hostel

Santa Marta: Dreamer Hostel

Get There: Carrera 51, 26D-161, Diagonal 32 Los Trupillos. A taxi from bus terminal/airport has a flate rate of COP5000 (2.80AUD)
Cost: A room in a 10-bed dorm with a fan COP23000 (13AUD), with aircon, up to COP30000 (17AUD)
Free WiFi: Yes
Free Breaky: No, but you can buy into a tropical buffet for COP8500 (5AUD)
Bar: Yes

The Dreamer Hostel has dangerously nailed the balance between tranquilo and fiesta: hammocks, a pool and an extremely affordable happy hour. With the accommodating atmosphere and the fact everything you could possibly want is enclosed in the hostel compound, there is a very high risk of turning into a sloth. I personally didn’t leave the hostel for the first two days I stayed there, and used the “I need to rest my broken foot” excuse for being lazy. However the buena onda (good vibes/great people) ensure you don’t feel guilty for doing nothing more than enjoying the Caribbean sun. When you do manage to escape the lures of pure relaxation, Minca (coffee fields and waterfalls), Tyrona National Park and a myriad of beaches are all very accessible from the hostel. Not a gringo hostel, not a party hostel, not exactly a cultural experience either: the only thing you can be guaranteed from the Dreamer is that you will drink more rum shots than you pay for and probably stay longer than you intended, but leave feeling a weird combo of hungover and refreshed.

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