Puerto Varas: Volcán Osorno

Puerto Varas: Volcán Osorno

Get There: Catch a bus to Ensenada from Puerto Varas (2500CLP/5AUD each way)

On a clear day from the city of Puerto Varas, you can see Volcano Osorno towering over the lake in a Lonely Planet photographer’s wet dream kind of way. For those that are outdoor-activity inclined, you can scale this volcano by heading to Puyehue Parque Nacional. For those who like to walk outside but aren’t going to be voluntarily walking up a hill, trail desolación (the path is cheerier than the name) is the same lovely walk, 15km round trip, minus the volcano part.

Whilst Desolación is not the most incredible walking trail in Patagonia, it is a flat stroll between a volcano and a humongous, clear lake, with a few snow-capped mountains also gracing the horizon with their presence. In the summertime, it is possible to camp lakeside and partake in kayaking, white water rafting, fishing and a myriad of other outdoorsy activities; however, in the middle of winter, there are not enough tourists to keep any of the facilities bar the trail open.

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