Mendoza: Travel Through Paso Libertadores

Mendoza: Travel Through Paso Libertadores

Get There: From the bus station in Mendoza – cnr Avs R Videla and Acceso Este, Guaymallé
Cost: Depending on the destination, around 150-230ARS (20-30AUD)

Obviously if you’re not going to Chile on your journey around Latin America, don’t catch a bus across the border, but if you are… there is no better way to travel than by bus. It seems silly to laud the wonder of buses to other hobos, obviously cheaper, more scenery, and in parts of South America, with an “in bus” food service and reclining seats. Irrespective of the comforts of travel in a Semi Cama, the mountain passage from Mendoza to Chile is freaking cool. Precarious winding switchbacks through the Andes, snow-capped peaks, lagoons of crystal blue and in the winter, a ski centre or two. You do still have to go through the tiresome process of customs and quarantine, but it’s so much more fun if you get to make a snowman whilst you’re waiting to get your passport stamped! Don’t catch a night bus: they’re double to triple the price, and once you see the curves in the road, you’ll understand why. Also, it’s means you miss out one three hours of a blissful Andes tour and a trashy rom com. The only downside of the mountain passage is that it closes when the weather is bad, too cold and snowy or rainy with sleet, which can lead to a feeling of being trapped in Mendoza. In the summer though, there shouldn’t be a problem. You can check the status of the pass by visiting the @CFLosLibertador Twitter account.

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