Mendoza: Tour the Bodegas

Mendoza: Tour the Bodegas

Australia has wine regions. Mendoza is a wine region. Do not have the argument with an Argentinian, but there is nothing Argentinian wine does that Australian wine can’t do. When you buy it at goon prices, it’s questionable, but serves the delightful purpose of being alcoholic. For it to taste nice, you need to spend a little bit more than the hobo stinge will allow.

The bodega tours seem appealing: affordable day of binge drinking in the sunshine with a designated driver included. Usually, the hostels make them affordable and tempting. In reality, the tour is a sad bus of gringos. If you select to the bike tour, it is at grandparent pace along the delightful scenery of the highway and after winery two, there’s an obligation not to crash your bike.

If you want to go to wineries, do it on your own time. It’s cheaper and the company is certainly better. You can still rent bikes if you want, but honestly, for wine in Latino-America that’s cheap and delicious, go to Chile (and never tell an Argentinian I said that).

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