Mendoza: Mendoza Internacional Hostel

Mendoza: Mendoza Internacional Hostel

Get There: Avenida España 343 – free taxi from the bus terminal or a 10-block walk
Cost: 50ARS/5AUD
Free Breaky: Yes. More sugar.
Free WiFi: Yes, in the common areas.
Bar: Yes.

Mendoza Internacional Hostel is for people who are lost or have not travelled independently before. I envisage it as the gap year hostel, when the slogan “There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet” (which is pasted on every wall at this hostel) is endearing and inspiring as opposed to nauseating. The hostel is an abundance of tours and pizza parties and activities that facilitate liberal hooking up amongst its guests. There are tequila shots every second night, poured straight into your mouth by two very seedy bartenders who get wayyy too into the party scene; and a DJ whose style is reminiscent of musical Tourette’s – great if you’re scoring free tequila, terrible if you have an 8am bus and are only just realising the walls of the hostel are the opposite of soundproofed.

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