Athens: Scam Blue Star Ferries

Athens: Scam Blue Star Ferries

So I’m not too sure if I’m just having superior thoughts, or if Blue Star Ferries just never thought that stingy Aussie travellers would ever be able to afford their overly priced metal café chairs on their ships. I also don’t know if I’m even allowed to publish something like this on the internet… but I am about to open your filthy mind to my tactical ways. If someone is willing to pay for their Ferrari and three Pomeranians to be shipped to an island for a petty two-day holiday, then I’m sure they won’t mind me bludging a lift back to Athens from Santorini for a sixth of the price (and managing to get a seat on the only couch on the boat).

Being the very beginning of my European adventures, making a rookie mistake like this wasn’t even a surprise to me.  I read 01.25 as 1.25pm… rocking up to the dock 12 hours after my ferry had gone left me feeling like the blonde bimbo that I will now openly admit I am. Sitting at a not-so-hobo friendly café and barely being able to afford a water let alone another 48 euros to get back to Athens, I decided not to dwell on my naive actions and to put my scumbag mind to its forte – scamming the scammers.

Check the time table of the ferry that you’re catching: it should tell you which islands it stops at. So find the closest island to you that your ferry goes to, book to that island, jump on board and stay on until your desired island. They only check your ticket as you get on, so as long as don’t try to sneak into the business class seating, then you’re all set to scam away. And as for getting a seat on the only couch on the ferry… you’re going to have to find a competent travel buddy who is willing to carry your backpack on board while you sprint up the stairs, fight off the fellow smart asses who have also figured out the only possible way to a enjoy the journey and ignorantly lay across the only couch (I would suggest putting your earphones in and your eye mask on and just pretend you’ve been there the whole time).

scam ferry

Or horde all the chairs in the corridor like we did…

Be sure to pack your own food, booze and entertainment. Getting out to Santorini can consume eight hours of your treasurable life and Blue Star have strategically made their ships uneasy for the hobo’s pocket. Provide your own entertainment or ensure you’re tipsy enough to forget that you suffer from motion sickness.

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