Barcelona: Carpe Diem Lounge Club

Barcelona: Carpe Diem Lounge Club

Get There: 32 Passeig Mariti, down the North end of the beach.
Cost: Free entry, pricy beverages

CDLC is a bar/club on Barcelona’s beautiful main beach, full of beautiful people and beautiful music. The style embraces a classy bohemian theme with an exotic Middle Eastern and Asian influence. The vibes are cool and the tunes are even cooler. Zoco Sunday seshes are a must to perve at the up-market, trendy folk of Barcelona. Live music starts at 11am and goes ’til 9pm, and the club host fashion shows and serves food banquets and impressive cocktails. Drinks cost about as much as a dress on one of the models dancing on the VIP table.

Hobo Tip: Grab a bottle of wine and chill on el beacho before going in – this will save you cash and ensure an entertaining night.

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