Praia do Tofo: Bamboozi Beach Lodge

Praia do Tofo: Bamboozi Beach Lodge

Cost: We went fancy and opted for a private “chalet” that sleeps four people and cost MzN620 – R840 (20-30AUD). There was no power, but we got our own bathroom. Camping and dorm beds will set you back about MzN110-140 (4-5AUD). They have a kitchen if you want to cook yourself, but only limited things for you to actually cook with.
Get there: Bamboozi is about 2km out of Praia do Tofo. It’s an easy walk either through the village or along the beach, but it’s relatively easy to hitch a ride if you can’t be bothered.
Free WiFi: Yep, but only when the power is on in the evening.
Free Breaky: No
Bar: Yep, but if you want to drink during the day, the beers can be a bit warm. Fortunately, there’s a tiny shop just outside the gate that has a generator with icy cold beers all day.

Bamboozi, while a little bit out of town, has prime location. Sitting on top of the sand dunes, it looks out over the entire beach. The selling point is the bar/restaurant. With a 180 degree deck, it’s the perfect place to have a few beers and contemplate life. Or just watch people walking on the beach get relentlessly hassled by kids selling bracelets. They are ruthless and their sales pitches vary from clever to whiney.


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