Lisbon: Feira da Ladra Flea Market

Lisbon: Feira da Ladra Flea Market

Get There: The market starts at Arco de São Vicente (near where the 28 tram stops) and meanders down  Campo de Santa Clara street in Alfama.

Come Tuesday and Saturday, all of Lisbon comes out to play under the cobbled arches at the local flea market and see what goods the local gypsies and hipsters have to sell. From dawn to dusk, there’s a whole range of bric-a-brac on offer: sunglasses, hip silver jewellery, old postcards and stamps, furniture, art and what appears to be the entire contents of some people’s houses. Hell, if you’ve got a backpack that’s overflowing with clothes you don’t need, bring a rug down and sell some of it yourself. Because so many of the sellers don’t have professional stalls set up, no one hassles you, which is great. Groovy buskers with dreadlocks and sun tattoos make sweet tunes on the street corners, so definitely worth a wander even if you’re not planning on buying anything.


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