Foreign Festival Fever

Foreign Festival Fever

Emile Derkheim, a sociologist from 1912, once described festivals as the “collective effervescence”. I’m pretty sure music festivals back then would have been slightly different from nowadays – with people on Ketamine dressed in animal onesies and all – but Em was spot on with describing in essence coming together with 80 000 of your closest pals to celebrate.

Festivals represent the ultimate celebration of our experience together as humankind. The spirited vibes, energy and electric atmospheres at music festivals give everyone a chance of to get lost in the whirlwind of truly loving being alive.

I read somewhere that live music is the last place where there is a genuine connection between audience and artist. This is true – the music industry is conforming to a virtual world, so seeing artists perform live is incredibly important for the industry and for our souls.

Spain’s BBK Bilbao Live music festival encompasses all that springs to the imagination when you think of a summer festival in little European town, with previous artists including Alt-J, Radiohead, The Cure, Fatboy Slim, Vampire weekend and Kings of Leon just to name a few. Sitting hillside with the sun gods providing, looking down on thousands of colourful beings crowding around stages and bars with soul satisfying tunes serenading your earlobes, it’s easy to escape from the real world and disappear into something magical.

Last year, I was at BBK with a friend who was drunk and dehydrated – not the healthiest combination of describing words. She was in a crowded area and got a sudden wave of nausea, turned around and vomited… onto a baby in a pram. Despite this, I’m pretty sure she had the best day of her life (my friend, that is – the baby definitely didn’t).

Apart from getting as fried as an egg, as dehydrated as the Sahara desert, losing everyone you know and suffering from dense comedowns and post-festival withdrawals, we do it all over again come the following summer because, to quote the words of lyrical genius Snoop Dog, we are young, wild and free.

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