Krabi: E-San Food and Cooking International

Krabi: E-San Food and Cooking International

Get There: Krabi, Ao Nang Beach Rd (main drag leading down to the beach, opposite McDonalds)
Cost: $60-$250B

The Land of Thai is known to have some of the most delicious and cheap food around, but sadly Ao Nang is not the place where those food dreams come true; it’s where they come to die. Maybe I just didn’t give this beachside town much of a chance, but I found there to be only one shining gemstone in the crown of Ao Nang eateries and that is the wonderful ‘E-San Food and Cooking International’.

Don’t be put off by the grimy looking plastic chairs and the fact that the place seems to be run by only two people (an absolute boss of an old woman cooking and a gentleman running food and taking orders), for this place will churn out your meal like there’s no tomorrow and you can guarantee it will be as delicious as the place looks dirty.

If  your dinner takes a little longer than expected, be comforted in the knowledge that there are enough cold Changs in the fridge to keep you company and enough entertainment in the form of watching one woman cook an entire restaurant’s worth of food at once to ensure you don’t get impatient.

You’ll be coughing up about 130 baht (4AUD) for any of your standard noodle or curry dishes and, around 60B (2AUD) for appetisers, which will leave you with plenty of spare change to splash out on some grilled corn on the cob for dessert. If seafood is more your thang, there’s plenty of mussels, fresh fish and seafood skewers chilling on the BBQ to go around.

Your eyes may be unimpressed by the stingy outlook but your nose, wallet and stomach will be high-fiving each other as you wolf down as much fresh seafood and Pad Thai as your loose change can afford.

Hobo Tip: Sit out on the street for better people watching and to avoid the over-crowded interior

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