The ABCs of Staying Chilled on the Road

The ABCs of Staying Chilled on the Road

So we all know travel is unpredictable. Even if you create a day-by-day then minute-by-minute itinerary, chances are you’ll end up veering from your previous plans at least once throughout your trip. It happens. But no matter how far you stray, the important thing is to stay calm and collected. Follow these simple ABCs to staying sane on the road, and you’ll have no trouble rolling with the punches when times get messy, muddled and make you want to knock a hole through your hostel wall. Or the door. Or even the dude at reception with the eyebrow piercing. Just promise us you won’t hit anyone or anything until you’ve read this though, okay?

If the plans are changing and you’re freaking out, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You’re not going to figure it out on your own all the time, because let’s face it, if you couldn’t figure out the hot water in the shower at your backpackers, you’re probably going to have trouble getting a bus to the other side of England alone. Don’t listen to your parents when they tell you to not talk to strangers. Every single friend you have was once a stranger, so open your mind and your mouth. Who knows, maybe if you ask that cute Spanish guy for directions he could end up taking you there himself with his private car and save you the hassle. You’ll never know unless you ask! You’ll never get laid if you don’t either (or kidnapped).

So some arsehole just stole your juice from the communal fridge that you’ve been looking forward to drinking all day and you are pissed. You were given the wrong directions home at 4am in the pouring rain, and all you want is a naked Ryan Gosling waiting for you in your bunk bed. Whatever the case, there is nothing that Bob Marley can’t make better and that’s a known universal fact. I guarantee that a little bit of Tuff Gong will chill you out, convince you that dreads are a cool idea and have you rolling a joint in no time. Just hold out on the dreads though, you’ll regret them a couple months down the track when the smell wakes you up in the middle of the night. Instant turn off.

Sounds dumb, right? Wrong. It works. Close your eyes, put down whatever your holding (unless it’s an alcoholic drink – then finish that first) and start counting. When you reach the number three, remind yourself that everything, including your stress, is temporary. Everything, that is, apart from that tattoo you got that one time in Cambodia off a guy who couldn’t speak a word of English. That’s going to last a lot longer than those padlocks on the bridge in Paris, so I guess you’d better get used to it. Once you realise that whatever you’re freaking out about will pass, travelling will get a whole lot easier. So too will your ability to count.

So now that your know your ABCs, charge your iPod and enjoy the ride to wherever your new crazy road leads you.

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