Yosemite National Park: Extranominal Tour

Yosemite National Park: Extranominal Tour

Get There: Pretty obvious, but for more details check out the Extranominal Tour website
Cost: Starting at $145 for an adult

If you find yourself in San Francisco frolicking with the hippies in Haight and riding giddily across the most depressing yet beautiful bridge in the US, I highly recommend taking a step out of the city and heading for the rocky granite cliffs that define Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite, whilst worthwhile for providing a good excuse for a selfie which doesn’t require you to come up with a caption to justify your ceaseless cry for social gratification in the form of a little orange heart, is a bit of an asshole, like all things containing huge wood (in this case in the form of giant sequioa trees) is hard to find.

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Public transport seems to be the biggest mess about, especially if you aren’t headed there in Summer, so your easiest options are to either jump on a tour or rent a car and hope your hobo head has it’s shit together enough to not crash it.

Given my somewhat irrational fear of crashing a rental car, lack of friends to split the cost and pure laziness when it comes to high speed navigation, I opted for the tour route with Extranomical Tours, jumping on their total Yosemite experience tour including Giant Sequoias.

To be honest, with a name like Extranomical Tours I had a preconceived notion of a bubbly, all American middle aged woman who was destined to yap at me for the next 8 hours however I found myself pleasantly surprised when our guide was a young guy from Mission who not only managed to find a balance between being informative and realising that we just want to sleep before ten am, but also had great tips on where to head when back in San Fran.

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The tour was well timed, with plenty of space for sleep on the long drive out and time to stop and get snacks- it was pretty much tailored to all my interests. When arriving at the park we were able to catch most of the quintessential Yosemite spots and had enough time to perfect the perfect nonchalant pout at each.

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