Corfu: The Pink Palace

Corfu: The Pink Palace

Get There: You can organise a free airport pickup, otherwise make your own way to Agios Gordios Beach, Sinarades, 49084.
Cost: From €21 (32AUD) for a dorm room.
Free Breaky: Yep – and dinner
Free WiFi: Yes
Bar: YES

When embarking upon a new adventure, one imagines experiencing the most fantastical things and seeing the most unimaginable sights. One also wants to party. Recently, I’ve noticed a trend in looking down upon or judging those who go overseas and revel as if death is on its way. I personally am all about experiencing different places in the fullest way possible, and for me that includes getting slightly loose. One place excellent for doing so is the Greek Islands. As a result, there are certain people who seep with condescension when they speak of this glorious archipelago. These people need to go to The Pink Palace.

The Pink Palace is a world-famous hostel in Corfu, Greece. Described by travel writer Jeff Greenwald as a knockoff Club-Med for 20 year olds”, The Pink Palace sports a distinct neoclassical elegance from afar; however, on closer inspection, it seems specifically designed as a party-resistant getaway made of cement and asphalt.

As you enter this not-so-forgotten castle, reception is your first stop. After being greeted with a cheeky grin and a shot of pink tinted ouzo, you’ll also receive a Pink Palace passport and the unmistakable impression that the next few days could get a little messy.

If you arrive in the morning, you’ll see the majority of your fellow occupants nursing hangovers in the jacuzzi or working on their tans by a rather large pool. For those who haven’t gotten paralytic the night before, other day activities include cliff diving, quad safaris and kayaking over the Ionian sea.

As the sun declines over the very picturesque scenery that surrounds your new abode, excitement fills the air. Poolside activity picks up with sundrenched bodies now rejuvenated and ready to party. If you’re lucky, a rather special game of volleyball will erupt, involving more ouzo shots and a great deal of heavy petting.

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The Pink Palace is not a place where you go to discover yourself or rave about how it changed you. It is a place you don’t forget, but rarely speak of, and it’s full of possibility: the possibility for instant intoxicated friends and loud epiphany; the possibility for a dance of innuendo and conceit; the possibility of sex.

To actually enjoy The Pink Palace, you must give in to the idea that while you are there, the world falls away. Try not to judge those around you or yourself; allow for the ridiculous. Parties were never meant to be analysed, and by definition, the moment one begins to analyse a party is the moment one ceases to become a part of it.

Party or carouse, make merry or celebrate: these are just some of the many ways to pass your time on earth and create memories, even if they’re nebulous. Create them everywhere. Especially at The Pink Palace.

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