Vicuña: Mamalluca Observatory

Vicuña: Mamalluca Observatory

Get There: Hitch from the observatory info desk (near the plaza) or pay 3000CLP (6AUD) for a seat in a minibus
4500CLP ($9AUD)

Vicuña is an adorable sunny town, with a beautiful starry night, and in this place of 320 cloudless days a year is one of Chile’s many observatories. The observatory organises tours and you get to star gaze with professional telescopes and see explosions in the sky, planets, nebulas and constellations. The tour is also the perfect balance between professional space information and anecdotes from Mapuche folklore: there were a lot of angry starry relationships. Essentially, if you like stars, this experience has the potential to be out of this world.

When getting there, if possible, hitch a ride with someone with a car (the observatory organises a convoy) as the minibus is a rip off.

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