Vancouver: Go Skydiving

Vancouver: Go Skydiving

Get There: They’re an hour bus ride out of Vancouver: get in contact and they can pick you up from the bus stop through
239CAD plus tax for a tandem jump

What’s cooler than doing a back flip out of a plane over some pretty surreal mountainous scenery? Probably nothing.

Since skydiving for the first time over the Namibian Desert in Africa a few years ago, I had been itching to dive over mountains, so when I found Skydive the City was the closest dive centre to Vancouver, I jumped at the opportunity (pun intended).

Skydive the City is in the perfect spot. It’s an easy hour bus ride out of downtown Van and set against mountains, meaning there are plenty of picturesque lakes and views of the city and Vancouver Island to appreciate while you contemplate why the hell you’re about to throw yourself out of a tiny plane.

Skydive the City were super cool to dive with. Initially, I got lost on the way out of town, so should have missed my dive slot, but they were super flexible and also organised a pick-up from the bus stop to make things easier. They were great when it came to safety: there was a quick briefing and video to watch, which wasn’t too strenuous or boring, but made sure I knew everything I needed to before jumping out. The gear used seemed pretty decent to me and kept me alive, though I did have to wear a hat that made me look like a tampon – not ideal for what would otherwise have been beautiful, model-worthy photos of my face.

Diving outside of Vancouver was absolutely ridiculously scenic, so make sure you get photos or the video on offer. In April, the mountains still held the last of winter’s snow and the day was perfectly clear, affording views as far as the island to enjoy as I sailed down after my free fall. Once the parachute opens, the instructors are happy to cater to what it is you’re after, whether you have a strong stomach and want things to be crazy or you want to soar down taking in the view. Either way, you can’t really go wrong when you’re jumping out of a plane.

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