San Francisco: Visit Alcatraz

San Francisco: Visit Alcatraz

Get There: Ticket office and departures from Pier 39.
Cost: $20

Largely famous for being the inescable prison housing famous badass inmates including Al Capone, The Bird Man and Machine Gun Kelly, Alcatraz is a hugely popular tourist atrraction in San Francisco. Unless you are keen on swimming to Alcatraz¬† and possibly ending up lost to the ocean like the only three prisoners to ever escape, you’re going to want to jump on one of the frequently run ferries.

Alcatraz Cruises offer- you guessed it, tours to Alcatraz. They¬† have regular departures including the more intimate night tours. The price includes return ferry, with a bar and snacks should your travel induced alcoholism be so far advanced you can’t bear 20 minutes without a drink, enterance to the island and guided to audio tours. Should you decide to get creepy with the night tour or take the less freezing day tour, you can choose a number of scheduled boats to get back allowing you to take your time and take in as many of the free programs you wish.

Getting tickets for Alcatraz is notoriously difficult unless you are booking in advance so make sure you jump on the website. If you are a travel commitaphobe and the prospect of planning anything in advance makes you break out in hives, January- March is the best time to go for last minute tickets.

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