Puerto Escondido: Tower Bridge Hostel

Puerto Escondido: Tower Bridge Hostel

Get There: Oceano Antartico No. 01
Cost: 80MXP for a 12-bed dorm (7AUD), 125MXP (11AUD) for a single.
Free WiFi: Yes
Free Breaky: No
Bar: Oh, you just wait.

Expectation is the root of unhappiness. So if you arrive at the Tower Bridge hostel in Puerto Escondido having read the hygiene reviews by appalled former guests on Tripadvisor, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised: all of the hostel animals have been defleaed, the pool is fairly spotless and the girls’ bathrooms now all have doors. If you’ve also read about this being the loosest hostel in the world, you won’t be disappointed. Pretty much every night is based around spinning a giant wheel that contains party-starters like “body shot”, “shot followed by beer torpedo” and “lapdance”. But this is tame in comparison to the activities that occur once the wheel has been exhausted. Highlights include naked human jenga, topless volleyball and threesomes on top of the pool table with the exceptionally accommodating receptionist. Do not be surprised if you feel like you’re on the set of a porno. Admittedly the hostel is in the middle of nowhere, but a 15-minute walk will reward you with one of the most beautiful coves in Puerto Escondido. It’s definitely worth the hike for at least one night to party and get wild, but it’s not advised to stay for more than a night or two, as you will get trapped. And chlamydia.

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