Koh Phangan: The Nomad House

Koh Phangan: The Nomad House

Getting There: 111/12 Moo 1, Ban Tai, Koh Phangan. The hostel is located approximately 10 motorbike minutes from Haad Rin beach.
Cost: All 4, 6, 8, 12 and 18 person dorms are under $10, but prices do rise during the Full Moon Party mid-month.
Free WiFi: Yes
Bar: Yes
Kitchen: Next door

Book a hostel in Koh Tao in advance they said, make sure you have a ferry ticket they said. As someone who has trouble making travel plans further than 12 hours in advance, I had neither. So there I was, stuck in Koh Phangan after the infamous shit-show parade they call the Full Moon Party.

Still drunk, sleep-deprived and heart-broken, I was desperate to find a bed after my friends had taken off to Koh Tao that morning. I somehow ended up at Nomad House and to my surprise; the place didn’t smell of grimy sex or vomit (like every other one). It was perfect.

For $7 a night I had an air-conditioned dorm room, an actual mattress on the bed frame, an American therapist behind the bar sorting my life out, and even a blanket.

The staff at Nomad not only covered multiple party flyers worth of travel recommendations in Cambodia for me, they helped mend my broken heart, and went out of their way to get me out of Koh Phangan. The fact that they remember the foreign names of over 100 guests (when it takes me two days to learn a Danish one) deserves global recognition.

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