Kampot: Arcadia Backpackers

Kampot: Arcadia Backpackers

Get There: Arcadia is located about 4 km from Kampot Town. A tuk-tuk ride from the main bus station is about $5 and a moto-taxi is no more than $2.
Cost: 3-4USD for a mixed dorm/10-25USD for a private bungalow
Free WiFi: Yes
Bar: Oh yeah…
Kitchen: Open late and delicious

Upon arriving to Kampot after what was an unexpectedly long trip (thanks to our bus driver who poured diesel into an unleaded gas tank), I pulled out a little piece of scrap paper from my wallet on which a few nights before I had drunkenly written what resembled “Kampot – stay at Arcadia!!!”. I figured three exclamation marks were legitimate and a pretty good sign.

20 minutes later I was naked, jumping onto a blob in the river as punishment for breaking a glass. I had options, and that seemed like the best one.


Arcadia is like the coin-operated entertainment machine, except instead of coins you have cheap jugs of beer. There’s never a dull moment. The place is equipped with a volleyball field, tubes, swinging ropes, hammocks overlooking the river for those who had a rough night, and even a boat swing for rum drinking pirates. You’ll find an incredibly close-knit community of travelers at Arcadia, where everyone has a shameless nickname (try explaining why someone on Facebook called you “Tits Out” to your mum).

It’s like camp, but for grown-ups who like sex, booze and Kendrick Lamar.

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