Caye Caulker: Sail to Placencia

Caye Caulker: Sail to Placencia

Get There: Walk along the beach front main street, not far from Frenchies and the Split, or check their website.
Cost: 350USD

Keen for any form of travel which didn’t involve another long bus and even keener on the promise of all you can drink rum, I jumped on the three-day sail with Ragamuffin from Caye Caulker to Placencia.

Popular amongst backpackers, the sail is predominantly comprised of young travellers looking to relax and have a bit of fun. The boat was a stunning sailboat with room out back to jam to reggae beats with the fun and friendly boys who work on it and have some reprive from the endless sun beating down on the comfortable, netted bow – the perfect place for a nap in the sun; rays for days! The food was the real surprise of the sail. You can’t really go wrong with lazing on a sail boat and drinking rum, but I wasn’t expecting to be eating ridiculously well on top of it. Considering everything was prepared on a boat, the guys in the kitchen did a killer job, always having a huge selection of dishes, all of them delicious, and plenty of food throughout the day.


Expect to spend your days basking in the glory of doing sweet fuck all in the Caribbean, with options to fish off the back of the boat and snorkelling stops throughout the trip being your main source activity for the days (other than lifting the rum cup to your mouth).

At night, the boat docks on the most picturesque island imaginable. Your first night is spent on Rendezvouz Caye, where there is nothing except for you, your tent and the stars. The second night’s stop is Tabacco Caye which, whilst tiny, hosts a small community and a handful of tourists who have made their way here from the mainland. Every night is kicked off with rum punch and delicious, fresh ceviche – a traditional Central and South American dish of shrimp or fish prepared in lime salsa. Be sure to try the coconut rum with pineapple juice when you no doubt get tired of the regular fruit punch, and bring s’mores ingredients for the bonfire on Tabacco Caye.

The whole three days was super tranquilo, with the only worry being drunkenly climbing into the wrong tent and nothing to do but sit and contemplate how good your life is while you sail the Caribbean.

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