Placencia: Maya Beach Hotel

Placencia: Maya Beach Hotel

Get There: Jump on – they’re north of Placencia Village and the bus stops right out the front of the hotel if you flag it down.
Cost: Starts at 69USD a night for a two-bed room with last minute deals.
Free WiFi: Yes
Free Breakfast: No
Bar: Yes, with a restaurant

Belize, and in particular Placencia, while certainly worth a visit, largely lack the infrastructure for backpacker-style travel, so after the ever-reliable hostelworld came back with zero results, I decided to follow the wise words “treat yo self” and checked into Maya Beach Hotel.

Maya Beach Hotel had easily the nicest room I’ve had the pleasure of resting my hobo head in. Situated directly on the beach – only steps to Belize’s infamous crystal clear waters – surrounded by hammocks strung between palm trees and kayaks lying in the sand, the rooms are beautiful and isolated from one another. Mine boasted a huge, luxurious bed (the likes of which us hobos rarely see), a beautiful bathroom with hot showers (a complete delicacy in Central America), your own deck to sit and sip beers on and a kitchen. Naturally, there is WiFi, so you can Skype your friends and boast about how you’ve made it in your balling room while you gaze out into the ocean from the comfort of your bed.

The restaurant and bar on site serves some of the best food in town (certifiable by the fact I was chowing down next to the Prime Minister of Belize) and most importantly, some wicked cocktails. The staff are incredibly helpful with any requests you might have; the owners themselves, a super easy going couple hailing from the US and Australia, are always around and ready for a chat with whoever walks through their doors.

As noted earlier, Placencia lacks hostels and a backpacker vibe, so if you’re planning to hang here, you may as well ditch those thongs and let your feet feel the shower floor, pack away your bed-bug sheet and use the excuse to experience a high life which doesn’t involve illegal substances.

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