Playa Del Carmen: Graffiti Playa

Playa Del Carmen: Graffiti Playa

Get There: Calle 4 entre 15 y 20 av
Cost: 130MXN for a bed in a fairly big dorm (11AUD)
Free WiFi: Yes
Free Breaky: No
Bar: No

This hostel is about as basic as they come, with big open rooms covered in – wait for it, graffiti, a cosy kitchen, semi-functional WiFi, a large courtyard and rooftop perfect for smoking joints, communal bathrooms with see-through shower doors and the laxest staff on the planet. The bedrooms don’t really have doors either, but there are lockers with free locks, so chill. It’s cheap as chips and has minimal advertising online, meaning it attracts genuine travellers who don’t book the 99%-rated place on hostelworld a year in advance. Even when we weren’t staying here, we waltzed in through the (flooded) reception, which was manned by a permanently drunk Argentinian with the sex drive of a 13-year-old male, with bottles of mescal in hand to go and use the stove to cook some pasta on the stove. Defs worth it.


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