Sabang: Subterranean National Park's Underground River

Sabang: Subterranean National Park’s Underground River

Get There: First get to Sabang (a minivan from Puerto Princesa is your best option), then charter a boat from Sabang to the river.
Cost: P250 ($6AUD) entrance permit/environmental fee + P700 ($17AUD) (to be shared between up to 8 people if you can make friends) for the boat.

Rocks rock. If you think this, then visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is Sabang’s Underground River should be on your itinerary. If not, whilst the adventure of sitting in a little row boat with fluro orange helmets and unnecessary safety flotation devices is fun, for the amount of publicity it garners, the river is a little overrated. The tour is taken by a double entendre loving collection of Filipino boatmen who will highlight “Sharon Stone” and rocks that look like the face of Jesus. You can sometimes hike back 8km through the jungle to Sabang after your 40 minute river journey.

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